Cee Cee Lessons – a workshop series

In partnership with Bulleit, we created a workshop series where we invited expert product designers, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to come together and do something cool and hands-on!

In addition to having fun, Cee Cee Lessons was all about learning new things firsthand. Through a creative process, experts shared knowledge on techniques and raw materials — from concrete to wood to tea leaves.

Another aspect of Cee Cee Lessons that was super important to us was that we wanted to bring people together, initiate creativity, and foster cooperation and collaboration between makers.

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  • Event Organization
  • Community Activation
  • Participant List Management
  • Event Documentation (Photography & Video)

Lesson 1: Accidental Concrete

Lesson 2: Tea by ManuTeeFaktur

For the second Cee Cee Lesson, we made ourselves at home in ManuTeeFaktur’s space. We at Cee Cee had met owner Manu Kumar back in 2012 when he first started making his own iced tea. The company has grown quickly since then, and they now offer loose leaf teas, chai blends, and kombucha. So when we wanted to learn more about tea, the choice was easy.

On a gray Sunday afternoon in February, we met up with Manu and ten participants to learn about how he makes kombucha and chai mix. And naturally, in line with the Cee Cee Lessons credo, it was all hands-on and everyone went home with some tea of their own.

Lesson 3: Wood by Rainer Spehl

In the third lesson, we found ourselves in Rainer Spehl’s Berlin-Mitte studio, where the woodworker showed us how to make solid-wood cutting boards. First, we were presented with an overview of the science behind the materials as Rainer walked us through a selection of different kinds of wood with all sorts of different textures. Then we were off: the Cee Cee team, the guys from Bulleit, and ten guests spent the next five hours sawing, glueing, planing, and filling — truly fulfilling the Cee Cee Lessons “hands-on” motto. At noon, we discussed the new knowledge and skills over a snack in the backyard. The whiskey drinks were, of course, only consumed after the work was done (really). Best of all, everyone went home proud and happy, with a brand new, hand-made wooden cutting board.