Kenn dein Limit – Präventionskampagne Alkohol Jugendliche

We pitched this design for the ‘Präventionskampagne Alkohol Jugendliche Pitch,’ a national campaign in Germany aimed at teenagers to educate themselves about responsible drinking and knowing their limits. Our approach was to take a serious topic and make it more accessible to the target audience by using a language that the younger generation understands and uses every day – emojis. By removing the human element usually present in these prevention campaigns, we avoided any stereotypes, while still creating relatable imagery. The emojis, in their universality, are the perfect way to demonstrate the effects of alcohol abuse, without pulling up any negative imagery or coming off as stiff and preachy. The colors we used are bright and attention-grabbing, the posters feature no text but the message is still understood. The three main designs were meant for cross promoting through posters and across social media channels.