Cee Cee Lessons 7 – Maison Maria Odelga

Cee Cee Lessons is a series of events that Cee Cee organizes together with partners. Between 2016 and 2018 we held several workshops with experts from Berlin in partnership with the brand Bulleit Whiskey. Since 2018, we have continued the format with Roe&Co.llective meets Cee Cee Lessons. Dublin-based Roe & Co. has set itself the goal of bringing creative people together and achieving synergies through exciting, valuable collaborations. The first lesson in this second series was led by product designer Alex Valder from Berlin’s Maison Maria Odelga. Selected guests from the Cee Cee Community were invited to design and build a shelf with the designer there and then. The Roe & Co. brands goal is to bring creative minds together and realize synergies through interactive enriching events and questioning the status quo. In addition to workshops, discussion formats and get-togethers are also planned. The event series will continue throughout 2019.

Partner: Bulleit Whiskey, Roe & Co.
Industry: Marketing, Event
Service: Influencer marketing, content production (photography and text), guest management
Period: 2016-ongoing
Location: Berlin