Kia XCeed Test Drive in Marseille

Part of our ongoing collaboration with Kia for the launch of the Kia XCeed we conceptualized and organized three events throughout the year: a media lounge in Frankfurt, a lifestyle event in Berlin and a test drive event in Marseille, France. The test drive in Marseille was a week-long opportunity for press and media representatives from all over Europe to test out the car on a race track in the sunny hills of the maritime city. Our chosen location for the media lounge, press conference and dinner was NH Hotels, a stylish venue with a stunning view of the sea and scenic landscape. The media lounge offered an inviting hang out spot for journalists during the day, while in the evening we celebrated with a dinner at sunset on the hotel terrace. The key visuals we created were rolled out and applied to miscellaneous communication and branding items, from badges to menu cards and information panels. Our aim was to align the design with the look of the hotel and Kia XCeed to create a natural and harmonious combination.