Ziegert Welcome Pack

Client: Ziegert Immobilien
Industry: Property
Services: Design
Date: May 2019
Location: Berlin


Welcome to your new neighborhood! With this project we were tasked with conceptualizing and designing a welcome package for real estate company Ziegert to mark their relocation and welcome employees to the new headquarters in Berlin Mitte. Inspired by the concept of the iconic brown paper lunch bag, we put together a package that includes important onboarding information, highlights of the new office space and a welcoming message from the board members. As we believe that a good working environment is not just about the physical office, but also its surroundings, we included a Cee Cee Neighborhood Map to inform employees about the best lunch spots in the area or tips on exploring their new kiez. We adjusted the existing Cee Cee Mitte/Kreuzberg map to match the corporate style, visual identity and fonts and used Pantone’s Neon Orange for a refreshing pop of color. We combined all deliverables into an elegant black Granit bag, customized with a welcoming message sticker, that is both informational and aesthetically pleasing.